Rhett Gérard Poché

A blog devoted to the study of art, art history, and visual literacy.


This blog was started as part of the Holy Cross College Visual Literacy Blog Project.  My name is Rhett Gérard Poché, and I am the creator, instructor, and blogmaster of ARTS 100—Visual Literacy:  How to “Read” Art and Culture.

I consider blogs to be a perfect marriage between the visual and the textual.  Moreover, blogging fosters the expression of personal opinion and open discussion.  It is an excellent exercise in thoughtfully sharing one’s ideas within a visual medium.  I also see blogging as a tool that could aid my Visual Literacy students in formulating their own voices as interpreters of visual culture.  Therefore, my Visual Literacy students at Holy Cross College will be writing blog posts that discuss their experiences as creators and interpreters of visual culture.  In doing so, they will also present their own critical insights into the various topics discussed during class.  My hope is that the students also see their blogs as vehicles for creativity and self-expression.

You will find links to my students’ blogs (under STUDENTS) at the home page of the Holy Cross Visual Literacy Blog Project.

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